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Vaccination Resource Information Guide.

17 June 2014.

The worldwide war on polio is on, and the generals apparently believe that it is okay to lie and deceive in war. Armies have been deployed to feed the concoction that contains live polio viruses to millions of children in the world—supported by a propaganda campaign that uses all the tricks of the trade. And in the latest front in this war now adults are also being ordered to swallow the virus. Everyone leaving Pakistan is now part of the target population with officials ready in the departure lounges to serve the vaccine. That is 28000 people leaving Pakistan everyday from its airports.

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The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of.

Dr Joseph Mercola MD.
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination.
18th January 2015.

Vaccines are one of the most controversial medical therapies, and it’s impossible to make an informed decision unless you know both sides of the story. In the process of knowing both sides, the historical context is critical.

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Leaflet 2. The Truth About Vaccines?


By Muslim Health Watch
& The Majlisul Ulama.

1st Oct 2015.

We are giving our innocent children, harmful chemicals and poisons that destroy their natural immune systems, causing disease, suffering and death. All Muslim doctors, parents and scholars should be aware of toxic vaccine ingredients, and of the failed efficacy of vaccines. The harm is clearly greater than the benefit.

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How to Print Leaflets & Distribute.

Leaflets are so easy to download, print and distribute as follows…


  • Click download button.
  • Save as PDF.


  • Print side 1 on A4 paper.
  • Turn over paper. (Make sure that both sides are printed facing the same way up).
  • Print side 2.
  • Fold along dotted lines into Tr-fold leaflets.


Hand out or email to the following…

  • Family & Friends.
  • Mosques & Communities.
  • Magazines & Newspapers.
  • Websites & Forums.

Why not hand out a hundred leaflets outside the mosque. Easy!

Start your Own Leaflet Campaign?

Simply download leaflets onto your memory stick/pen drive and visit your local printer. They will be happy to print off a small number of leaflets and may even give a discount for the good cause! Distribute as above.

Fill the Mosques, Towns, Cities and Villages with the leaflets. Don’t forget our brothers and sisters in the remotest villages of Africa and India etc. Make sure that all our brothers and sisters learn the truth about vaccines!


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Why I Explored Vaccine Problems.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM.
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Some things you pick…and some things pick you”? I got drawn into the ever-changing, emotionally charged vaccine debate after attending the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) meeting in September 2000. I was troubled by what I had heard and decided to search for answers by going straight to the leading vaccine “authority” in the country: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Imagine my surprise—and dismay—when I discovered that most of what I had accepted as The Truth about vaccines really wasn’t the truth at all.

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