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Dr Suzanne Humphries

The International Medical Council on Vaccination


Dr Suzanne Humphries is a signatory to The International Medical Council on Vaccination, a leading resource for physicians and laypersons on vaccination.



Dr Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who was a participant in the conventional system from 1989 until 2011. During those years she saw how often that approach fails patients and creates new diseases. She left conventional medicine to research the many problems with mainstream medical theory.

Dissolving Illusions


Dissolving Illusions is a website full of updated scientific and medical information on vaccination. It also contains numerous graphs clearly showing that many diseases declined well before any vaccines were introduced.

Dissolving Illusions is also the name of a book, written by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk. It is available as Paperback in the USA, in the United Kingdom and from Amazon.