Albara, 18 Month Old Baby Boy, Jordan.

He was vaccinated at six months and days later, he got a fever and was injured by measles, smallpox or chickenpox. Next time, he took the vaccine for the first year, and after two days, he developed a severe fever and vomiting until he ended up being treated in an immunology hospital where he was diagnosed with a rare immune disease called Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

I am personally against vaccinations for children because I believe in the Book of God and what was stated in it. The mother of the child gave him the vaccine in secret and without my knowledge because she knows that I am against vaccinations. My child is still receiving treatment and will continue for nearly a full year of treatment after the bone marrow transplant due to the deadly disease. The doctors admitted that the child had contracted the disease from this vaccine! Albara, 18 month old baby boy, Jordan, MMR ll vaccine.

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