Alonood, 18 Month Old Baby Girl, Jordon.

On the day of vaccination, my daughter was in excellent health, and after hours passed, my daughter’s temperature rose suddenly, she was in my lap, and her eyes flipped, her lips were swollen and her body was convulsing. She went into hospital for two days under observation for fear of convulsions. Thanks to Allah, she is in my hands today. Alonood, 18 month old baby girl, Jordon, several vaccines.

A 10 Month Old Baby Boy, Mother & Grandmother, Saudi Arabia.

My grandmother was hit by a belt of fire a month after receiving the vaccination, and she became afflicted with severe flu every month, despite her good health before taking the vaccination. I got the flu in the Hajj ten days after vaccination. My child got severe eczema. I couldn’t wear the clothes because of their severity. A 10 month old baby boy, mother & grandmother, Saudi Arabia, various vaccines.

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