Vaccines: Get The Full Story

Doctors, nurses and scientists on protecting your child and yourself. Here you will find revealing articles, fatwas, graphs, infographics, religious rulings, medical studies, and much more!

How to Print Leaflets & Distribute?

Leaflets are so easy to download, print and distribute. Instructions as follows…



  • Click download button.
  • Save as PDF.




  • Print side 1 on A4 paper.
  • Turn over paper. (Make sure that both sides are printed facing the same way up).
  • Print side 2.
  • Fold along dotted lines into Tr-fold leaflets.



Hand out or email to the following…

  • Family & Friends.
  • Mosques & Communities.
  • Magazines & Newspapers.
  • Websites & Forums.


Why not hand out a hundred leaflets outside the mosque. Easy!

Start your Own Leaflet Campaign?

Simply download leaflets onto your memory stick/pen drive and visit your local printer. They will be happy to print off a small number of leaflets and may even give a discount for the good cause! Distribute as above.

Fill the Mosques, Towns, Cities and Villages with the leaflets. Don’t forget our brothers and sisters in the remotest villages of Africa and India etc. Make sure that all our brothers and sisters learn the truth about vaccines!


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