Fuziya, 6 Month Old Baby Girl, Saudi Arabia.

My six-month-old daughter was vaccinated with a rotavirus vaccination, at the recommendation of her doctor. After a while, my daughter’s troubles began to come out. This condition continued until she reached two and a half years and then after suffering her condition was diagnosed as a blockage in the colon and we did not know that because of the vaccine given to her at the age of six until one of the studies on the harms of vaccines found that the rotavirus vaccine causes a blockage in the colon and that it was withdrawn and was not B We never give in this vaccine without the recommendation of the doctor and also about the vaccine did not prevent gastroenteritis were infected with them always and my daughter still suffers some kind of difficulty in defecating. Fuziya, 6 month old baby girl, Saudi Arabia, rotavirus vaccine.

Salsabeel, 4 Month Old Baby Girl, Jordon.

My daughter was given vaccines at four month. Exactly two days later she developed terrible pain and screaming, and I could not by any means silence her. She began to vomit terribly, almost continuous and did not take any food but breast milk. Then she started defecating with blood, and X-rays showed intestinal interference. The damaged intestine and appendix were cut, and she began to suffer from continuous tonsillitis and throat infections, and taking antibiotics. After MMR 1 vaccine, we began to witness the decline of skills she acquired, until she was diagnosed with autism at the age of a year and a month. Salsabeel, 4 month old baby girl, Jordon, several vaccines.

Sulayman, Newborn Baby Boy, Saudi Arabia.

After my son receives each vaccination, wounds appear in his hands, above the elbow, and behind his knee. They are irritated and festering and blood comes out. The doctor said it is eczema. Within three months, it begins to ease, the date of the other vaccination comes, and then the same situation returns, until I decided to stop the vaccinations. Sulayman, newborn baby boy, Saudi Arabia, several vaccines.

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