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A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine.

Kelly Brogan, MD,
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination,
27th November 2013.

Deep into my 6th year of researching and investigating the damning science that condemns vaccine efficacy and safety – yes, all of them – I am beginning to turn my attention more to the societal memes and the individual belief systems that protect and perpetuate tragically flawed and unacceptably dangerous collective behaviors.

Your Body. Your Baby. Their Flu.

Kelly Brogan, MD,
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination,
29 June 2013.

As a conventionally trained, dyed-in-the-wool psychiatrist, I learned that mental illness is a manifestation of an imbalance of brain chemicals that can be largely reduced to too little serotonin and/or norepinephrine, too little dopamine, or messed up excitatory signals at the membrane level. These deficits required pharmaceutical intervention for repair, just as one of my attendings once patronizingly said to an inpatient post-suicide attempt: if you had poor vision, you would need glasses. There would just be no way for you to navigate the world without those glasses no matter how much you wanted to.

An Interview With Research Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD, Part 3 of 3. By Catherine Frompovich.

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD,
05 July 2012.

Vaccine Illusion is Tetyana’s effort to reach parents outside the San Francisco Bay Area with a similar message she teaches in her classes on making vaccination decisions. She is also dedicated to spreading the awareness of sorely needed changes in the way modern biomedical research is done. Her e-Book, Vaccine Illusion, is available from Amazon.com as a Kindle edition and a few free excerpts are available at her book website (https://sites.google.com/site/vaccineillusion).

Big Pharma Vilified Researcher for Threatening Vaccine Program.

Russell L. Blaylock, MD,
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination,
13 January 2011.

I find it ironic that the media, the British government, and leaders in medical academia jumped on board attacking and destroying Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s reputation based on “fraud” charges related to a study he conducted about the link between the measles vaccine and autism.

The Marvellous Health of Unvaccinated Children.

Françoise Berthoud, MD, (paediatrician),
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination,
25 June 2010.

Once upon a time, in April 2009 to be exact, I was invited to give a speech at a conference on vaccination. I was to talk after two of the best speakers France has to offer on the subject had their turn, journalist Sylvie Simon and biologist Michel Georget. At hearing them speak in the past, it was absolutely clear to me that the best option is to stay as far away from vaccines as possible. I just did not know what to do instead to best assure staying alive and well.

Adjuvants, Preservatives and Tissue Fixatives In Vaccines (Part 1 & 2).

Viera Scheibner, PhD,
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination,
Dec 2000 & Feb 2001.

Vaccines contain a number of substances which can be divided into the following groups: … All these constituents of vaccines are toxic, and their toxicity may vary, as a rule, from one batch of vaccine to another… In this article, the first of a two-part series, we shall deal with adjuvants, their expected role and the reactions (side effects).

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