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Vaccine Fatwas Infographic.

Fatwas on Vaccine & Polio Drops Infographic.Vaccine Fatwas Infographic,
The Muslim Guide To Vaccines,
Muslim Health Watch & The Majlisul Ulama.

Fatwas against All Vaccines & Polio Drops state that Vaccination is Haraam and Not Permissible in Islam.

Vaccine Fatwa. Vaccination is haraam. The introduction into the body of harmful and poisonous filth is strictly prohibited by the Shariah. Majlisul Ulama of South Africa.

Vaccine Fatwa. Vaccination even on the assumption that the vaccine is free of haraam ingredients, is haraam. UUCSA.

Pig & Cow Gelatine Fatwa. Pig & Cow Gelatine may not undergo a complete change and remain impure, say scholars including The Majlisul Ulama and Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani.

Hajj & Vaccination Fatwa. It is permissible not to go for a Fardh Haj if one cannot avoid the injection of filth and poison into one’s body. It is haraam to take vaccination. Jamiatul Ulemaa Gauteng.

“Vaccination is based on speculation and chance just like insurance and gambling, and sold by deception, ignorance & fear!”

Halaal Vaccines are Not Possible!

Vaccines Are Haraam!


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