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These are some of the vaccine injuries that could happen to you or your child, reported in the Arab Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (AVAERS) at

Othman, 6 Month Old Baby Boy, Palestine.

My name is Dr. Ahmed Khaled Shahin, a paediatrician working for the Palestinian Ministry of health. I was blessed with Othman, a lovable new born who remained healthy and well for the first six months of his life. Othman was given a DPT vaccine, and within two to three days he developed brain damage. Now he is thirteen years old and suffers: quadriplegia, severe floppiness, convulsions, recurrent abnormal movements and sudden verbal tics uncontrollable by all antiepileptic drugs, defect in the thermal regulation centre causing recurrent increase in epileptic seizures especially in hot summer (central hyperthermia, requiring a special air conditioned room), inability to masticate, dysphagia, double incontinence, totally dependent, with 100% incapability. Othman cannot communicate verbally and tell if he is hungry or thirsty, thus needs 24 hour social care. More than 20 treatment trips seeking medical assistance, and daily visits to Gaza hospitals, the outcome was unanimous. The cause of the condition was the vaccine. I spent all that I had, selling even the property of my wife, and borrowed with lots of debts. Is there not a single kind heart in this world that will help me with the need of my sick child? About the 2014 war, and the Israeli warplanes shelling of my house while we were asleep on the day of Lesser Bairam, which resulted in the loss and martyrdom of my beloved only son, Ali, and the injury of my little daughters and wife. Othman, 6 month old baby boy, DTP vaccine, Palestine.

Salma, 4 Month Old Baby Girl, Egypt.

Three days after vaccination, my daughter was floppy, and two days later, her head was tilted to the right. It became clear through neck sonar, a tumour in the lymph nodes. I don’t know yet what caused my daughter to suffer, nor when will she recover. Please help. Salma, 4 month old baby girl, Egypt, DTaP, HepB, IPV vaccines.

Rukayya, Two Month Old Baby Girl, Egypt.

My two month daughter was vaccinated at the Health Office in Egypt. Two days later, we noticed a tumour on the left side of the neck. We went to three doctors, and gave antibiotics. The tumour increased in size. The abscess was opened with a scalpel and cleaned. The vaccination caused an abscess in the lymph nodes, and the flu that lasted more than two months after the vaccination. Rukayya, two month old baby girl, Egypt, polio, hepatitis B and influenza vaccines.

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