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These are some of the vaccine injuries that could happen to you or your child, reported in the Arab Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (AVAERS) at

Leticia, 2 Month Old Baby Girl, Algeria.

My daughter died immediately after receiving the pentavalent vaccine, and was another victim in the same place and on the same day. The number of victims of this vaccine is 5, and what is hidden is greater. This vaccine was cancelled from the schedule of vaccines and detained. The authorities, headed by former Minister of Health, did not say that the cause of death was the vaccine, although my daughter and the other girl died immediately after vaccination. Leticia, 2 month old baby girl, Algeria, pentavalent vaccine.

Ali, Boy, Saudi Arabia.

Eczema and chickenpox after vaccination. My son was exposed to fever with pimples on his entire body. The doctor believed he contracted chickenpox and did a blood test to make sure. The eczema continued to increase and my son suffered severely with it for four years and tried too many dermatology consultations. Ali, Boy, Saudi Arabia, MMR ll, OPV polio, Varicella vaccines.

Alonood, 18 Month Old Baby Girl, Jordon.

On the day of vaccination, my daughter was in excellent health, and after hours passed, my daughter’s temperature rose suddenly, she was in my lap, and her eyes flipped, her lips were swollen and her body was convulsing. She went into hospital for two days under observation for fear of convulsions. Thanks to Allah, she is in my hands today. Alonood, 18 month old baby girl, Jordon, several vaccines.

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