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These are some of the vaccine injuries that could happen to you or your child, reported in VAERS (US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

Anthrax Vaccine. A 51 Year Old Military Chief.

235750. A 51 year old military chief. Fourth dose anthrax vaccine. Suffered severe diarrhoea, incapacitating headaches, and mental changes. Unable to remember people he had known for years. Developed foot drop with frequent falls, and required a wheelchair. Hospitalised 8 months. Multiple episodes of MRSA, sepsis, pneumonia, respiratory failure, chronic pain and anxiety. Sent home. On ventilator with feeding tube. Trapped in body with motor neurone disease (ALS), total paralysis and unable to communicate.

Anthrax Vaccine. A 39 Year Old Military Male.

292477. A 39 year old military male. Third dose anthrax vaccine. Two days onwards, developed abnormal sleep patterns, migraines, nausea, joint pain, lower back pain, blurred vision, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, muscle twitching, tingling in extremities, short term memory loss, severe loose stools then constipation, exercise intolerance, and major depression. Also suffered autonomic neuropathy involving the bladder, GI tract and CNS. Seriously ill and gradually worsened. Diagnosed with cognitive disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and permanent 100% disability.

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