Category: VAERS

These are some of the vaccine injuries that could happen to you or your child, reported in VAERS (US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

Chicken Pox Vaccine. A 4 Year Old Girl.

523759. A 4 year old girl. First dose varicella vaccine. A physician reports, girl developed acute lymphoblastic leukemia two years later, and also tested positive for varicella virus. The girl was then exposed to a cousin with a mild varicella rash, and she was prescribed chemotherapy, antiviral and steroids. Twenty two days later, she was taken to the emergency department with fever and abdominal pain. Two days later, she was returned to ER with a generalised rash, and was hospitalised. Treatment included a course of intravenous antiviral and antibiotics. Four days later, the little girl suffered death by multiple organ failure.

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