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These are some of the vaccine injuries that could happen to you or your child, reported in VAERS (US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

DTP Vaccine. A 5 Year Old Girl.

685997. A 5 year old girl. Second dose DTP vaccine. Lawyer reports, a previously healthy girl was vaccinated, and four hours later, developed convulsions, then seizures and gait abnormality. Eighteen months later, she was hospitalised with purulent meningitis, and finally death four years after vaccination. Case is linked with 31 more cases.

DTP Vaccine. A 14 Month Old Baby Girl.

497382. A 14 month old baby girl. Second dose DTP vaccine. Seven months later, baby was hospitalised with severe lack of appetite. Six months on, had third dose DTP vaccine. Fifty nine days after, had high fever, respiratory distress, and cyanosis. Hospitalised in near death condition, with circulatory failure, and had cardiac and respiratory arrest twice. Baby transferred to another hospital and suffered cardiac and respiratory failure. Resuscitated, and ventilated, but had a seizure and in a coma. Later regained consciousness, but had vision loss. Sent home retarded, with brain damage, epilepsy, seizures, spasticity and encephalitis induced tetraparesis. Suspicion of vaccine damage raised several times, and neurologist stated that onset of symptoms was suggestive of a causal relationship to vaccinations in childhood.

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