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11th June 2015.

We are led to believe that vaccines wiped out many diseases, but is that true? If we look at the following graphs, we can see that many diseases actually declined or disappeared before the introduction of any vaccines. These are just a small sample of graphs from Official Government Data clearly showing that vaccines did not wipe out any disease.


Diphtheria mortality graph – England & Wales

Fig 1: Diphtheria – England & Wales. The graph above shows that diphtheria had nearly disappeared before the vaccine was introduced in the 1920’s. Notice the slight increase in deaths when the vaccine was introduced, suggesting that vaccines may actually cause and spread disease!

Measles mortality graph – England & Wales

Fig 2: Measles – England & Wales. Measles had virtually disappeared before the vaccine was introduced in 1968.

Scarlet Fever mortality graph – England & Wales

Fig 3: Scarlet Fever – England & Wales. Scarlet fever declined and disappeared without any vaccine at all.

Whooping Cough mortality graph – England & Wales

Fig 4: Whooping Cough (Pertussis) – England & Wales. Whooping cough had virtually gone before the vaccine was introduced in the 1950’s.


Diphtheria mortality graph – USA

Fig 5: Diphtheria – USA. Diphtheria was declining rapidly before the vaccine was introduced in 1920. Notice the slight increase in deaths again when the vaccine was introduced.

Measles mortality graph – USA

Fig 6: Measles – USA. Again, measles had virtually disappeared before the vaccine was introduced in 1963.

Scarlet Fever mortality graph – USA

Fig: 7: Scarlet Fever – USA. Scarlet fever actually disappeared without a vaccine. This also occurred in various parts of the world showing that diseases may come and go naturally.

Whooping Cough mortality graph – USA

Fig 8: Whooping Cough (Pertussis) USA. Whooping cough nearly gone before the vaccine was introduced in the 1940’s.


Diphtheria mortality graph - Australia

Fig 9: Diphtheria – Australia: Diphtheria had declined and had nearly gone before vaccines were introduced.

Measles mortality graph - Australia

Fig 10: Measles – Australia:  Again, measles had virtually disappeared before the vaccine was introduced.

Scarlet fever & measles mortality graph - Australia

Fig 11: Scarlet Fever: Scarlet fever gone without any vaccine.

Whooping Cough mortality graph - Australia

Fig 12: Whooping Cough. The same story. Whooping cough just about disappeared before the vaccines were introduced.

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 Vaccines did not wipe out disease!

If we investigate further and perform independent research (free from vested interests) then we discover the same thing occurred in various countries all around the world! Disease declined and disappeared before any vaccines were introduced. Why is this?… Well, many people believe that this may have been due to things like better sanitation, better sewerage systems, improved hygiene standards and better diet. It is also known that diseases increased and spread in many towns and cities due to the cramped and filthy conditions and also due to malnourishment and contaminated food.

Many people, scientists and doctors around the world are beginning to ask why so much time and money is put into the mass vaccine program in order to save a few individuals when it does not actually save one individual. Instead, this time and money may be better spent improving sanitation, hygiene, water, food and diet around the world. This alone could save millions of lives around the world and stop the spread of disease, especially in third world countries!

Vaccines cause and spread disease?

Many doctors and scientists are now noticing that vaccines may cause and spread disease instead of protecting against it! Increasing numbers of sick patients are being treated in their surgeries after being injected with toxic substances and unknown viruses. Growing numbers of parents will attest to their child suffering from Autism or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot Death) after receiving a vaccine! Stories are also emerging that thousands of children are being paralysed after receiving Polio vaccines and drops in India and other countries!

If you wish to learn more, visit the following links for excellent graphs from official data… Graphs that clearly show the truth!

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