Hajj & Vaccination (Vaccine Fatwa).

Jamiatul Ulemaa Gauteng,
Council of Muslim Theologians,
South Africa,
26th October 2009.

Assalaamu Alaykum Respected Brothers. Your question regarding Haj and vaccination emailed on 22nd October 2009 refers… Among the conditions for Haj being waajib (obligatory) is safety of the road. This means that the journey to and from Haj should be safe without risk to oneself or one’s wealth. If, for example, on the way bandits threaten to rob a person of his wealth or scum of the earth threaten to physically assault one, it will not be waajib to go for Haj.

A person is not obligated to go for Haj if on the way he has to endure knife-wounds. The Shariah does not tolerate physical and monetary harm on the bandah. Vaccination falls in the same category. Day-by-day the harms, poisonous effects and filth of this practice is becoming more and more evident. If one can proceed for Haj without risking oneself to vaccination then the Haj will be obligatory. If there is no way within one’s means to go for Haj without taking vaccination, the Haj will not be waajib. In fact, it is not permissible to harm oneself in this way. We are aware of persons dying slow deaths due to the presence of some toxic substance in their systems. And the amount of evidence of the toxic and filthy substances injected into the sacred human body through vaccination, of which you have provided a shortlist, leaves no scope of doubt to the harm of this practice.

Conspiracy of the west cannot be ruled out. The west is fully aware that a Muslim Ummah spiritually and physically diseased by swine-flu serum, for example, is wholly incapable of challenging the evil western culture and implementing the Shariah of Islam to extricate mankind from the morass of sin, moral corruption and its concomitant ills and diseases of whatever kind. That noble and lofty task can only be fulfilled by an Ummah purified from all kinds of physical and spiritual diseases,

To summarize:

  • It is haraam to take vaccination.
  • It is permissible not to go for a Fardh Haj if one cannot avoid the injection of filth and poison into one’s body.
  • It is not permissible to perform Umrah and Nafl Haj if one cannot avoid the vaccination.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.


Jamiatul-Ulemaa Gauteng
P.O.Box 534
Fax: (016) 590-2451
DE Deur, 1884

Date: 27/10/09


Jamiatul-Ulemaa Gauteng
P.O.Box 534
South Africa.

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