Introduction to Vaccine Dangers.

Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA,
Signatory to International Medical Council on Vaccination,
08 May 2019.

I am formerly an RN, graduated in 1971 from nursing school in Kalamazoo, Mi. Mom was a pediatric nurse (graduated in 1948) and I worked in the doctor’s office where she worked thru high school (currently my RN license in the state of California is inactive by my choice).

Then after graduating, myself, in 1971, worked in hospital, Peds, all areas, but mostly 6 – 20 year olds for 3.5 years. Then worked in that same pediatric practice my mom was in and I worked in high school – 3 and later 4 pediatricians – one of the busiest practices in town. Was the office manager so not involved in injecting children with vaccines (thank goodness) – don’t think I’ve ever administered one. But I did notice all of the ear infections after they were vaccinated – didn’t put 2 and 2 together till later. Also had a few children in the practice with hyperactivity – on Ritalin and other such drugs. But didn’t have any autism, only 1 child with asthma, no children with diabetes that I remember, no children with chronic illness of any kind (other than a couple of hemophiliacs). We saw children all the time with the diseases of chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella – they would make an appointment and pull up outside of our back door and ring the bell and we would stick them in a room there basically for diagnosis so wouldn’t infect the others. They really didn’t need treatment.

At that time there was a measles vaccine and I think we were just starting to use MMR too (can’t remember exactly). Also used DPT, oral polio and that was it. Smallpox vax had been discontinued. I remember calls coming in with children screaming and with temps after vaccines, but really don’t remember much more. Just wasn’t aware at the time. Don’t remember any SIDS cases either.

So worked Peds 1971 – 1978. Then worked a variety of other areas – moved to California – worked adult ICU’s, ERs, etc and then finally peds ICU in the mid/late 80’s. Don’t remember any children with HIB meningitis either. I do remember a few meningitis C cases and some viral meningitis but don’t remember the outcome.

I started to find out about holistic health concepts in the late 70’s. I studied all that I could and my masters in holistic health education.

In 1982 or so I was introduced to homeopathy. In that study I learned how damaging vaccines, antibiotics, steroids and hormones are to the body/energy system – what homeopathy calls the ‘vital force’. I continued to study homeopathy in the 80’s and read some on vaccine dangers. I was born in 1950 & only had gotten Smallpox vax & DPT as an infant and then Salk vaccine when it came out in 1955 and then oral polio when it replaced Salk. I did have a lot of illness with bronchitis and tonsilitis as an infant.

I then had to get rubella vaccine before nursing school (even though I’d had the disease) as well as typhoid and paratyphoid vaccine – don’t remember ill effects from them. But I knew that I NEVER wanted to get Hepatitis B vaccine as soon as they offered it to us in the hospital in the 80’s. NEVER got another vaccine, ever (nor did I use antibiotics, etc, again) only used homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.

In the 90’s started researching more about vaccine dangers and when the internet became available that’s what assisted my search. I have read nearly every book that is out there on vaccines and all the websites I know of and every article I can find – I have thousands & thousands of articles in my email archives, believe me, I kid you not.

I have become convinced of:

  1. The absolute dangers of ALL vaccines – danger to vital force, immune system and health of the person – from the additives, ingredients and the vaccine itself.
  2. The error in thinking that has led to the concept of vaccination – that it DOES NOT give you immunity and does not protect you from diseases – in fact – makes you more susceptible in many cases to the disease vaccinated for and especially for others. And what if we need to get these illnesses to develop our immune systems.
  3. The fear of disease instilled in us is UNREALISTIC and for scare tactics only to sell vaccine.
  4. The vaccine companies have no concern for your safety, only for their profits (they are not liable for their product anymore).
  5. More and more companies are getting in on the lucrative game – especially genetically engineered vaccines (of which hep b vax is one – one of the most dangerous ones – they think because no actual virus in it there is no problem – HAH!)
  6. The government complicity with the vaccine companies – most on the committees approving and mandating vaccines have financial ties to the drug companies.
  7. No independent research done to speak of – all research done by those biased toward sale of their product – others who want to do independent research are shut out – don’t get funded, lose their labs etc.
  8. Our only hope is one by one, person to person, sharing this information. We will not get the truth out of government or drug companies or physicians.
  9. More and more physicians are pimps for the drug companies (knowingly and unknowingly). Physicians are taught not to question in their brainwashing that is known as medical school/education. In fact, it is even going further – they are now part of what I see as a Gestapo-like situation – actually pushing vaccines and refusing to see people that don’t vaccinate and using intimidation and fear to get people to vaccinate – something I NEVER saw in my pediatric experience in the 70’s (you may have heard the stories on the lists I moderate and I get emails everyday about this terror they instil in people).
  10. The fact that there is NO way to safely take vaccines – one at a time, whey a child is older, using herbs or homeopathy during or after, etc. This is like trying to safe you can safely use a nuclear weapon.
  11. There is NO safe vaccine nor can there ever be – same as finding a safe nuclear weapon, again.
  12. The only thing you can do after the fact of getting the vaccine is use homeopathic treatment with an expert homeopath to sometimes undo the damage – but this is not guaranteed – some damage is unfixable and also depends on finding an excellent homeopath and the exact right remedy.
  13. They know VERY LITTLE about the immune system – especially the immune system of an infant.
  14. We have traded acute illnesses (in most cases) for HUGE NUMBERS of chronic, long term illness in children and adults.
  15. The need to let go of fear about these diseases and learn ways to enhance your child’s immune system – breastfeed as long as possible, organic foods, pure water, healthy living environment, happy & peaceful family situation, etc. This is the best you can do for your child and then they will most likely handle any disease that comes their way – we are all exposed all the time to bacteria and viruses – for the most part they don’t make us ill. We are already ill and then they can take hold.
  16. The need to find alternative practitioners – classical homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor etc., so that you are prepared with help when and if your child becomes ill.
  17. That most UNVACCINATED children RARELY become extremely ill – this is my observation in the years of working with this issue and people who do not vaccinate. I hear it over and over on the lists I moderate & participate in – people will tell you over and over that usually their unvaccinated child is much healthier than their vaccinated child or other vaccinated children – rare ear infections, temperatures, chronic illness, etc.
  18. Vaccines do NOT give immunity.
  19. Much of what we have been told about disease is a lie – polio more than likely due to toxic exposure – it never was contagious.
  20. Antibiotics are also a HUGE part of the problem – should only be given in life and death situation.
  21. Tylenol and other fever reducers also are a HUGE part of the problem. Should never be used – see my fever pages  I also think it is also implicated in autism.

I no longer work as a nurse in the allopathic setting as it is against my principles and ethics to participate in a system that damages people (we all come to our own decisions about this issue) I am now a homeopath, having studied for 30+ years – formal and informal, finishing formal school in January, 2003. I spend hours and hours a day on this issue, learning more, and sharing with all of you – teaching wherever I can.

Read all you can – and it takes a lot – inform yourself of your risks for the diseases (true risks) and risks for the vaccines. Also learn about homeopathy and you will start to understand more about why the vaccines do so much damage and also have a healing system that can reverse damage and help you and your children on the road to health.

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