Shazel, 13 Year Old Girl, United Kingdom.

Shazel, 13 years old, was normal and active until receiving an HPV vaccine. Her sister said: “She had the injection on the Wednesday. On Friday she was complaining of a sore arm, on Saturday a severe headache, and by the evening she was throwing up. Sunday she was very pale, and my aunt took her to hospital. She was in and out of consciousness. They were told everything is ‘normal’. My aunt took her back to the doctor and the doctor commented Shazel ‘came across as a lazy child’. I was at home when Shazel returned. She was in a really bad state and my aunt put her to bed. An hour later she went blue and she had no pulse.” The family strongly believe that there is a link between her death and the vaccination. Shazel, 13 year old girl, HPV vaccine, United Kingdom.

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