Salma, 4 Month Old Baby Girl, Egypt.

Three days after vaccination, my daughter was floppy, and two days later, her head was tilted to the right. It became clear through neck sonar, a tumour in the lymph nodes. I don’t know yet what caused my daughter to suffer, nor when will she recover. Please help. Salma, 4 month old baby girl, Egypt, DTaP, HepB, IPV vaccines.

Rukayya, Two Month Old Baby Girl, Egypt.

My two month daughter was vaccinated at the Health Office in Egypt. Two days later, we noticed a tumour on the left side of the neck. We went to three doctors, and gave antibiotics. The tumour increased in size. The abscess was opened with a scalpel and cleaned. The vaccination caused an abscess in the lymph nodes, and the flu that lasted more than two months after the vaccination. Rukayya, two month old baby girl, Egypt, polio, hepatitis B and influenza vaccines.

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