The Truth About Vaccines.

the-truth-about-vaccines-page-1By Muslim Health Watch & The Majlisul Ulama,
1st December 2017.

We are giving our innocent children, harmful chemicals and poisons that destroy their natural immune systems, causing disease, suffering and death. All Muslim doctors, parents and scholars should be aware of toxic vaccine ingredients, and of the failed efficacy of vaccines. The harm is clearly greater than the benefit.

Vaccination. A Fatally Flawed System.

Vaccination is based on a long-discredited theory that stimulation of antibodies in the human body equals protection from disease. This theory has not only failed to be proved, but has been repeatedly disproved by many world doctors and scientists. See the International Medical Council on Vaccination

Medical Science Today Opposes Vaccines.

Unknown to most doctors and the public, a mountain of evidence has emerged in the West regarding the many serious health hazards, illness and death that affect those who have been vaccinated. Contrary to pro vaccine propaganda, long term graphs and official data clearly show that many diseases were declining well before any vaccines were introduced. And every time that vaccines were introduced, there has been an explosion of old diseases, and also new diseases that are far more virulent and deadly. But this data has been manipulated and concealed!

Vaccines & Chemicals Cause Disease & Death.

Chemicals and viruses in vaccines cause allergies, diseases, cancers, asthma, autism, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS / Cot Death), autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. Many modern diseases (including Polio), are now believed to be caused by damage to the immune system, the nervous system and the cells due to vaccines and chemicals, fluoride, DDT, pesticides, toiletries and food additives etc. When combined, there may be a striking effect called synergistic toxicity that multiplies overall toxicity by a hundred fold or to unknown levels! Sickness may be quick (as in SIDS) or may take many decades to show (as in cancer).

Vaccine Ingredients, Excipients & Medias.

This may include, but not limited to…

  • Aluminium. (Neurotoxin & enzyme disruptor).
  • Aluminium Phosphate. (Corrosive to tissues).
  • Antibiotics. (Leading to antibiotic resistance).
  • Cancer Cells, DNA & RNA. (Animal & Human).
  • Chick Kidney & Embryo. (Animal).
  • Cows Blood & Serum. (May be linked to Mad Cow Disease / BSE and the human form CJD). In millions of vaccines worldwide). (Animal).
  • Dog Kidney. (Animal).
  • Faecal Matter & Urine. (Very unhygienic).
  • Formaldehyde / Embalming Fluid. (Carcinogen).
  • Horse Blood & Serum. (Animal).
  • Human Foetal Cells from Aborted Babies (Human).
  • Mercury /Thimerosal. (Deadly & persistent neurotoxin & enzyme disruptor).
  • Monkey Kidney & Viruses. (Linked to many modern cancers). (Animal).
  • MSG, Aspartame & Sorbitol. (Excitotoxins linked to Brain Damage & Diabetes etc).
  • Pig & Cow Gelatine. (Animal).
  • Polysorbate 80 / Tween. (Linked to Infertility).
  • Pus from Sores of Diseased Animals. (Animal).
  • Phenol. (Carcinogen & Protoplasmic Poison to all cells. Shuts down the body’s defence against attack from viruses, pathogens & antigens. May cause paralysis, gangrene & coma).
  • Squalene. (Linked to Gulf War Syndromes).
  • Sweepings from Diseased Children. (Human).
  • 2PE. (Toxic to kidneys, nervous system & liver).
  • Growth Medias & Many more. (May contain Animal).

Haraam & Impurity In many Vaccines.

This may include alcohol, human foetus, gelatine, pig, animal and human parts, many poisons and hidden substances! These unclean substances are not even given in a state of emergency or to save life at present. It is ridiculous to introduce numerous infective agents into millions of people as a “just in case” prevention of future infection. It is very wrong that Muslim doctors, governments, rulers and scholars have accepted a medical intervention that may contain so many harmful and doubtful substances and nothing in return (apart from delayed disease, infertility & death).

Hajj, Umrah & the Meningitis Vaccine Scam.

Each year, meningitis vaccines containing pig and cow substances, are forced upon millions of Hajj Pilgrims, along with unknown viruses & bacteria. This misguided and unnecessary protocol, from the Ministry of Hajj is very strange, when meningitis is actually linked to the vaccines and those vaccinated! World experts also say that, You cannot get Meningitis from casual contact.

Almighty God, The Creator, The Designer.

Our Creator has organised for the destruction of most germs and viruses through a natural process of entry and defence via skin, mucous, cells and the stomach. But vaccines inject disease, viruses, poisons and filth directly into the body without crossing natural defence barriers. Overloading the body with multiple infections will destroy the natural immune system forever.

Islam & The Natural Immune System.

Breast milk contains colostrum & numerous antibodies that give immunity to the child during the first few days after birth (unlike formula milk, a cocktail of toxic and unnatural chemicals). Islam advises breast-feeding up to two years and this also gives incredible immunity into the future. Medical studies evidence the amazing protection of breastfeeding against infections. The first two years of life are a crucial time for a child’s body to develop a natural and mature immune system. But vaccines & vitamin K shots destroy this vital process!

Prophetic Advice Protects Against Disease.

Our beloved physician and Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, told us, for every disease there is a cure. The final holy book, The Qur’an is an amazing medical source for the prevention and cure of disease. We need to find and address the root causes of illness and death, such as poverty, malnutrition, lack of clean drinking water, lack of proper sewage systems, lack of natural and healthy foods, and toxins in the body and environment. All Muslims should eat and drink from that which is pure & good, and avoid pollution and sin.

Organic & Natural Healthy Food & Drink.

Many foods and treatments prescribed in Islam strengthen the immune system (defence) and prevent disease. These include… Aromatherapy, black seed, blood cupping, breastfeeding, dates, fasting, figs, ginger, grapes, olives, olive oil, pomegranate, special prayers, vinegar & Zam-Zam water. Eat organic food and avoid all processed foods, baby formula milk, food additives, genetically modified foods, pesticides, soft drinks, sweets & takeaways. Avoid refined cereals, fats, oils, sugars & white flours. A diet rich in vitamin D and regular sun exposure may prevent many diseases. Islam prohibits us from taking any harmful medicine or substance. Any controversy or doubt, Islam advises us to leave it completely, and this applies to vaccines.

Doctors & Governments Corrupted.

Doctors and governments have been corrupted by an incredibly powerful industry into promoting vaccines, contrary to health, or human and religious rights. Not to advance good health, but for profit & genocide. Official data and graphs are manipulated and disease names are changed to sell vaccines. Sadly, thousands of Muslim doctors & scholars have been educated and groomed in western medical schools and universities, and recruited onto the Big Pharma payroll. They make big money from vaccine sales, donations, sponsorships and gifts. Their latest money making scheme is the so called Halaal Vaccines protection racket, but it is not possible to have vaccines that really protect health!

Genocide & Birth Control Drugs.

Anti fertility vaccines have been made, involving the UN, WHO, Unicef, Rotary, NGO’s and others, and are misleadingly distributed as humanitarian aid! Vaccines laced with birth-control drugs (HCG) have been found in Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines & Kenya, causing spontaneous abortion & sterility. Strange protocols targeted women only of childbearing age with up to five rapid shots. Kenyan Bishops are outraged and call for a boycott of the vaccine!

The Proper Role Of Medicine.

This is to find and prevent the root cause of disease and not to treat symptoms or fill the body with vaccines, chemicals, poisons and viruses. Injecting harmful substances and poisons into our bodies may have a very serious and harmful long term effect on our health. Vaccines may ruin our Hajj, Imaan & Ibaadat!

Fatwas on Vaccines & Hajj.

Fatwa’s against vaccines are mounting globally as scholars learn the truth. Vaccination is clearly a scam based on speculation and chance, just like gambling or insurance, and sold by deception, ignorance and fear.

The Safe Choice is to Say No to Vaccines!

Fatwas on All Vaccines and Polio Drops.

  • Pig and Cow Gelatine may not undergo a complete change and remain impure, say scholars including the Majlisul Ulama and Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani.
  • Vaccination is haraam. Majlisul Ulama.
  • Vaccination even on the assumption that the vaccine is free of haraam ingredients is haraam. UUCSA.
  • It is permissible not to go for a Fardh Haj if one cannot avoid the injection of filth and poison into one’s body. It is not permissible to perform Umrah and Nafl Haj if one cannot avoid the vaccination. It is haraam to take vaccination. Jamiatul Ulemaa Gauteng.
  • More Fatwas on Vaccines & Hajj on websites below.

All Previous Vaccine Fatwas Invalid?

All previous fatwas supporting vaccination may be invalid, as nobody knows what is in a vaccine, even the vaccine manufacturers. Reports say in 1993, a high court judge in the UK decided it was impossible to know the exact contents of vaccines and that science had no idea what the cocktail of chemicals, contaminants and heavy metals contained in vaccines could do to the human body, or why they would work to prevent disease. It is impossible for any scholar to rule in favour of any vaccine, when nobody knows what is in them!

More Information on Vaccines and Health.

  • The International Medical Council on Vaccination.
  • Muslim Health Watch at
  • See our leaflets titled, Vaccines. Get the Full Story, The Truth About Vaccines, Vaccine Tricks to Fool Muslims, Vaccines May Ruin Your Hajj & Umrah.

Vaccination Research by Muslim Scholars.

For fatwas & information on vaccines, visit the only Islamic body to have extensively researched and written on vaccination, free from all vested interests. The Majlisul Ulama at

What Must Muslims Do?

  • Learn more about vaccines. Start by visiting the International Medical Council on Vaccination.
  • Petition the Ministry of Hajj against compulsory vaccination. Keep our Hajj and Umrah pure and safe!
  • Share this information with family, friends, mosques & muftis.

The Safe Choice is to Say No to Vaccines!

Muslim Health Watch, The Majlisul Ulama & the International Medical Council on Vaccination are asking for an urgent and open, scientific, medical debate on Vaccines & Vaccination. Thousands of western websites now expose and oppose the many harms, damage and death from vaccines, unknown to most doctors and the public at large.

Download all leaflets in PDF, PNG & MS Word Format as one Zip File. Click here!

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