Vaccines. Get The Full Story Infographic.

Vaccines. Get The Full Story Infographic Icon.Vaccines. Get The Full Story Infographic (With Fatwas),
The Muslim Guide to Vaccines,
Muslim Health Watch & The Majlisul Ulama.

The below signatories represent a spectrum that  includes pediatricians, family physicians, brain surgeons, and professors of pathology, chemistry, biology and immunology. All have independently researched the real science and have come to the conclusions you will read about in this document…

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Nicola Antonucci MD, David Ayoub MD, Nancy Turner Banks MD, Timur Baruti MD, Danny Beard DC, Françoise Berthoud MD, Russell Blaylock MD, Fred Bloem MD, Laura Bridgman FNP ND, Kelly Brogan MD, Sarah Buckley MD, Rashid Buttar DO, Harold Buttram MD, Lisa Cantrell RN, Lua Català Ferrer MD, Jennifer Craig PhD BSN MA, Robert Davidson MD PhD, Ana de Leo MD, Carlos deQuero Kops MD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Mayer Eisenstein MD JD MPH, Todd M. Elsner DC, Jorge Esteves MD, Edward “Ted” Fogarty MD, Jack Forbush DO, Milani Gabriele CRNA RN, Sheila Gibson MD BSc, Mike Godfrey MBBS, Isaac Golden ND, Gary Goldman PhD, Garry Gordon MD DO MD(H), Doug Graham DC, Boyd Haley PhD, Gayl Hamilton MD, Linda Hegstrand MD PhD, James Howenstine MD, Suzanne Humphries MD, Belén Igual Diaz MD, Philip Incao MD, Joyce Johnson ND, A. Majid Katme MBBCh DPM, Tedd Koren DC, Alexander Kotok MD PhD, Eneko Landaburu MD, Luc Lemaire DC, Janet Levatin MD, Thomas Levy MD JD, Stephen L’Hommedieu DC, Paul Maher MD MPH, Andrew Maniotis PhD, Steve Marini PhD DC, Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez MD, Sue McIntosh MD, Richard Moskowitz MD, Sheri Nakken RN MA, Christiane Northrup MD, Amber Passini MD, Ronald Peters MD MPH, Jean Pilette MD, Pat Rattigan ND, Zoltan Rona MD MSc, Chaim Rosenthal MD, Robert Rowen MD, Máximo Sandín PhD, Len Saputo MD, Michael Schachter MD, Viera Scheibner PhD, Penelope Shar MD, Bruce Shelton MD MD(H), Debbi Silverman MD, Kenneth “KP” Stoller MD, Terri Su MD, Didier Tarte MD, Leigh Ann Tatnall RN, Adiel Tel-Oren MD DC, Sherri Tenpenny DO, Renee Tocco DC, Demetra Vagias MD ND, Franco Verzella MD, Julian Whitaker MD, Ronald Whitmont MD, Betty Wood MD, Eduardo Ángel Yahbes MD.

Ever wonder why… Doctors can’t find the cause for many diseases?

It’s because they are conditioned to ignore the relationship between illness and vaccines. These are some of the diseases that have documented associations with vaccines:

• Allergies & Eczema.
• Arthritis & Asthma.
• Autism.
• Acid reflux requiring an infant to take proton pump inhibitors, which have many side effects.
• Cancer.
• Diabetes (infant and childhood).
• Kidney disease.
• Miscarriages.
• Long list of neurological and autoimmune diseases.
• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
• And many, many more.

These are some known vaccine side effects, documented in medical literature and/or in package inserts:

• Arthritis, bleeding disorders, blood clots, heart attacks, sepsis, ear infections.
• Fainting (with reports of broken bones).
• Kidney failure requiring dialysis.
• Seizures /epilepsy.
• Severe allergic reactions, such as hives and anaphylaxis.
• Sudden death.
• Many common diagnoses given for hospital admissions.
• The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, has awarded more than $1.2 billion in damages to children and adults injured by vaccines.

Autism is associated with vaccines.

• Autism was rare until the mass vaccination programs were accelerated in 1991, with the introduction of the hepatitis B vaccine and the HiB (meningitis) vaccine. Tens of thousands of parents will attest that autism appeared in their children very soon after they were given these, and other vaccines.

Drug companies, insurance companies & the medical system get rich when you get sick.

• Vaccines do not give life long immunity, which means booster shots are recommended.
• Each booster shot increases the risk of more side effects.
• Vaccine side effects can make you sick for the rest of your life. Conveniently, there are many drugs to treat the side effects caused by vaccines.
• In the U.S., neither drug companies nor doctors can be sued when something bad happens from a vaccination. Both are protected by the 1986 National Child Vaccine Injury Act. This law, signed into effect by then-president Ronald Reagan decreed: “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” (Public Law 99-660).

Many doctors and health care practitioners do not get vaccinated and do not vaccinate their children. Why not?

• They know vaccines are not proven to be safe or effective.
• They know vaccines contain dangerous substances.
• They know vaccines cause serious health problems.
• They have treated patients with serious side effects from vaccines.

The only people who benefit from being healthy are you and those you care about.

• Drug companies have infiltrated and seized control over the entire healthcare system, including medical schools, medical journals, hospitals, clinics and the local pharmacy. A doctor’s very livelihood thus depends on blind faith, without questioning any aspect of any vaccination. Even when obvious evidence of vaccine damage occurs right before a doctor’s eyes, s/he is usually unwilling to consider a vaccine as the cause. Though uncorrupted science and medicine support rejection of vaccines, doing so can be considered professional career suicide. The signatories to this document boldly risk this end for the safety of you and your child.
• Hospitals benefit financially from hospitalizations and tests.
• Drug companies make billions of dollars from vaccines.
• Drug companies make tens of billions of dollars from drugs given to treat side effects and life-time illnesses caused by vaccines.
• Vaccines are the backbone of the medical system. Without vaccines, healthcare costs would go down because we would have a healthier overall society. We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes. The list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate a shortlist of relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life-long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities.

How many vaccines are there?

• If U.S. children receive all doses of all vaccines, they are injected with up to 35 shots that contain 113 different kinds of disease particles, 59 different chemicals, four types of animal cells/DNA, human DNA from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin.
• If you think you don’t have to worry about vaccines because your children are older, think again. There are at least 20 more vaccines currently in the development pipeline for release in the next few years, mostly targeting adolescents and adults.

Some Vaccine Ingredients: How is it possible that vaccines will not be harmful to your health?

• Stray viruses and bacteria from the animal cell cultures that vaccines are made in.
• Mercury, a well-documented neurotoxin, is still in the multi-dose flu vaccines throughout the world. Trace amounts remain in several other vaccines.
• Aluminum, a poison that can cause bone, bone marrow and brain degeneration.
• Animal cells from monkeys, dog kidneys, chickens, cows, and humans.
• Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), known carcinogen.
• Polysorbate 80, known to cause infertility in female mice and testicular atrophy in male mice.
• Gelatin, from pigs and cows, known to cause anaphylactic reactions, is found in large quantities in the MMR, chickenpox and shingles vaccines.
• Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in inhaled flu vaccines, known to cause metabolic disturbances (e.g. diabetes), seizures & other neurologic disorders.
Conflicts of Interest.
• The same people who make rules and recommendations about vaccination profit from vaccine sales. For example, Dr. Julie Gerberding, who was in charge of the CDC for eight years, is now the President of Merck Vaccines. Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP), developed and patented his own vaccine.
• According to the CDC, the average U.S. 10-doctor pediatric group has over $100,000 of vaccine inventory in their office to sell. These doctors make money from office visits, from giving your children vaccines, and also from follow up office visits for assessing reactions.

Vaccine Exemptions in the U.S.

• You do have the right to refuse. Use it.
• Your child does not have to be vaccinated to attend public school.

To have vibrant health, you will need to take the initiative to learn some new things.

• Babies are born with powerful, natural defenses. If this were not so, all would die shortly after birth. Enormous cascades of complex immune processes start with the first cry. This needs to occur naturally, without the interruption caused by the injections of toxic substances.
• Learn that the primary keys to health are good nutrition, pure water, adequate sleep, routine exercise and happiness.
• Health cannot come through a needle.
• You have no control over the outcome of a vaccination.

From an article, Vaccines. Get The Full Story. By the International Medical Council on Vaccination.
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Fatwas on all Vaccines & Polio Drops.

  • Pig and Cow Gelatine may not undergo a complete change and remain impure, say scholars including the Majlisul Ulama & Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani.
  • Vaccination is haraam. Majlisul Ulama.
  • Vaccination even on the assumption that the vaccine is free of haraam ingredients, is haraam. UUCSA.

More Fatwas on Vaccines & Hajj on websites below.

Muslim Health Watch, The Majlisul Ulama & the International Medical Council on Vaccination are asking for an urgent and open, scientific, medical debate on Vaccines & Vaccination. Thousands of western websites now expose and oppose the many harms, damage and death from vaccines, unknown to most doctors and the public at large.

Learn more about vaccines. Start by reading the International Medical Council on Vaccination posts.

Petition the Ministry of Hajj against compulsory vaccination. Keep our Hajj & Umrah pure & safe!

Share with family, friends, mosques & muftis.

Vaccines are Impure.


Vaccines. Get The Full Story Infographic.

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